The UIC Undergraduate Student Success Initiative

The Student Success Initiative began with the Chancellor’s charge to the Undergraduate Policy Council in February 2012, and is a collaboration among the undergraduate colleges, support and campus units, and students. Leadership is provided cooperatively by Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. The overall goal of the initiative is to significantly increase student success rates as measured by year-to-year retention and six-year graduation rates. Throughout much of 2013, eight task forces including over 200 faculty, staff and students, convened and ultimately provided 125 recommendations for campus consideration. The full report was released to campus in Spring 2014 and is available on this page.

In Summer 2014, UIC received a planning grant from the Association of Public Land-grant Universities, allowing the hiring of an Implementation Facilitator. The facilitator, Dr. Negar Mansourian-Hadavi, has been taking the lead in the Implementation Phase of the Student Success Initiative that includes the setting of project priorities while two other staff members will contribute to the planning and evaluation of student success initiatives.

Dr. Mansourian-Hadavi, working with the leadership team, has created a timeline and procedural framework for the implementation of the prioritized recommendations that include:

  • Organizing the recommendations into meaningful categories that take into account both implementation and priorities.
  • Creating a framework based on the identified priorities, challenge areas, and impact on success outcomes to be shared with Undergraduate Policy Council, the Committee of Associate and Assistant Deans, and others as appropriate or pertinent.
  • Sharing the expectations for the implementation of the recommended projects with appropriate campus units and project leads.
  • Developing a project management plan for assisting and assessing the progress of implementation, facilitating communication and collaboration, as well as troubleshooting issues and concerns.
  • Disseminating regular status reports for the campus.

Dr. Mansourian-Hadavi has met with numerous individuals involved in the development of the Student Success Plan for guidance on priorities, identification of key challenges and, as appropriate, updates on the current status of activities. Prioritization of proposed projects is being done based on highest impact, practicality for implementation, and timeliness.

We thank the campus for ongoing support through this process. We assure you that progress is being made and that you will be hearing much more from us on a regular basis.

Emanuel Pollack
Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

Linda Deanna
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students