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Dear UIC Students, Faculty, and Staff Members:

We are delighted to present the UIC Strategic Plan for Increasing Undergraduate Success: Task Force Recommendations (prefaced with an introductory summary) for campus comment and review. You can download the entire document—all of the final task force recommendations and rationale as submitted--here (19 mb), or you can download it in smaller parts using the links on the right.

You might recall that a preliminary draft of the plan was presented to the campus for comment in October 2012. From February through November 2013, eight task forces—comprising more than 200 faculty, staff, and students —met regularly to discuss how the campus might improve our efforts to support student success in a variety of areas: Data Analysis and Assessment, Targeted First-Year Curriculum, Support for Student Learning, Faculty Engagement, Advising, Financing College, Campus Life, and Pre-matriculation Issues. Throughout the process, there has been campus input in multiple ways. The entire campus was invited to nominate people to serve on one of the eight task forces, and to provide feedback at town hall meetings, online, and by email. The college deans and other campus administrators were also asked to nominate individuals and students. As a result, hundreds of faculty, staff, and students were invited to serve on the task forces.

Please take the time now to read the recommendations and provide commentary either by submitting an online comment or by attending a town hall meeting on Friday, April 11, from noon to 2:00 p.m. (location: Illinois Rooms A & B, Student Center East), which will be transcribed. We will be grateful for large or small comments.

All of your feedback will be attached to the document as an appendix and presented to Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost Lon Kaufman and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Barbara Henley. The Vice Chancellors will then develop a charge for the campus to implement the plan, with transparency and campus-wide participation.

We thank everyone for supporting this important strategic planning initiative. Much work lies ahead for everyone on campus. Thank you in advance for joining us in embracing that challenge. Your work will change many lives, the lives of not only our undergraduates, but also their families, their communities, our university, and our city.


Bette L. Bottoms Linda A. Deanna Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs & Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of the Honors College, Dean of Students Professor of Psychology


The University of Illinois at Chicago Strategic Plan for Increasing Undergraduate Success: Task Force Recommendations

Initial draft plan