The UIC Undergraduate Student Success Initiative

To The UIC Campus:

We are pleased to share with you an update on the progress with the implementation phase of the Student Success Initiative:

  • The original 125 UIC task force recommendations contributing to student success were consolidated into 39 “projects” within the four categories of Instruction and Curriculum, Student Learning, Campus life, and Managing College Costs.
  • Priorities were determined by a) likely high impact, b) feasibility, and c) timeliness.
  • UIC higher administration including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs endorsed the “Initiative,” which had also been shared with the Undergraduate Policy Council (deans of the undergraduate colleges) and the Committee of Assistant and Associate Deans.
  • The project manager and the management team is now proceeding with 11 of the priority projects, selected for the first round of the implementation phase:
  • Teaching and Learning Center
  • Freshman Seminar/Courses Accessible to all Freshman, Freshman Syllabus Enrichment
  • Remove Roadblocks & Simplify the Pathway
  • Streamlining the First Year
  • Collaboration in Advising
  • Enhance the Orientation Experience and Website
  • UIC Experience Widely Implemented/Promoted
  • Commuter Student Services and Engagement
  • Enhance Career Development Services
  • Change the Billing Procedure and Communication
  • Make Summer Session More Accessible

Greater detail about these projects as well as those not in the first implementation phase can be viewed at Student Success Initiative: Categories and Priorities, February 2015

  • A “project management plan” document has been drafted that specifies the scope, deliverables, roles and responsibilities for each project. Each project will have a designated “Project Sponsor(s),” “Project Team,” and “Project Lead” who will collaborate for the implementation and success of the project.
  • A clear “communication plan” will be developed for the projects, which will ensure transparency and provide regular updates to all the stakeholders and the campus.
  • Key individuals for each project will be invited to serve as project leads during February.

Members of the UIC community who wish to be considered for participation on a specific project team are invited to contact Project Manager Dr. Negar Mansourian-Hadavi ( by February 25. In order to assure small, effective working teams, not all requests can be honored.


Emanuel Pollack
Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

 Linda Deanna
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students


Student Success Initiative: Bulletin No. 2 (January, 2015)

Student Success Initiative: Bulletin No. 1 (November, 2014)