Billing Procedure and Communication

Project Title

Billing Procedure and Communication

Project Sponsor

Linda Deanna, AVCSA, Dean of Students

Project Lead

Bill Patterson and Rob Dixon

Project Team

Kathy Kirrish

Steve Kragon

Gail Moran

Daniel Pelayo

Joe Shroyer

Project Objectives

Every year the University loses students and ultimately money because many students are not aware of their financial commitment before they begin classes. Assessing and communicating tuition and fees earlier with an estimated bill will give students and their families a better understanding of their cost of attendance and enable them to more effectively plan for their financial commitment to the University.

The University of Illinois will move up the assessment of tuition/fees and the billing notification process for all three campuses to August or earlier by reconfiguring Banner cross-functional activities and communicating the new processes to all internal and external departments, students, parents, and sponsors. This will allow UI students to increase their efficacy of financial awareness which will help ensure their long term success at the University.

 Project Management Plan

This is a document provides clarity about the project objectives, scope, expected outcomes, expectations, roles and responsibilities. Click to open the PDF file.

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Final Project Report

This project was completed in September 2017.  Final Project Report coming soon!