Completed Projects

Coordinated by OPMSSI

Billing Procedure and Communication

Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities (TLC) 

Collaboration in Advising

Commuter Student Services and Engagement

Creating a Student-Centered Culture in UIC

Enhancing Career Development Services 

Enhancing the Orientation Experience

Expand Student Engagement via Programming

Exploring the Adoption of Adaptive Courseware

First-Year Academic Experience & Enrichment 

Integrated Planning and Advising Systems – Phase I 

Optimizing Access to Student Resources 

Revising the Policy on Grade Point Average Recalculation

Streamlining the First Year: Block Scheduling 

Streamlining the First Year: Credit Accumulation Initiative 

Streamlining the First Year: Developmental Math Reform 

Streamlining the First Year: Mainstreaming Preparatory English Students 

Streamlining the Scholarship Awarding Process 

Summer Session Accessibility 

The UIC Experience Program Widely Implemented/Promoted

Recommendations Incorporated into Existing Efforts of Other Units in UIC

The objectives of many of the recommendations that originated from the “Student Success Plan” have been addressed through efforts of existing units at UIC. Click to browse the list.