Creating a Student-Centered Culture in UIC

Project Title

Creating a Student-Centered Culture in UIC

Project Sponsor

Linda Deanna, AVCSA, Dean of Students

Project Lead

 William Rodriguez & Aisha El-Amin

Project Team

Megan Carney

Cesar Canizales

Samir Ghazaleh

Kim Hu

Mike Landek

Ellen McClure

Clara Okorie-Awe

Carol Petersen

Flordalia Rodriguez-Garcia

Oluwaseyi Samuel Adeleke

Eric Simon

Priscilla Velarde

Charitianne Williams

Steve Whitley

Project Objectives

The purpose of this project is to identify issues that impact undergraduate student satisfaction with their interactions with UIC faculty and staff.  Central to our project is the recognition that student success encompasses a wide variety of interactions and experiences.  We are therefore committed to looking at aspects of the quality of the UIC student experience in order to identify areas of strengths and areas of needed improvement.  In order to accomplish this, the team will:

  • Identify and examine relevant data from existing surveys and studies
  • Gather feedback from currently enrolled undergraduate students as needed
  • Gather feedback from university personnel regarding their perception of their role in student success
  • Identify action steps to resolve obstacles in areas of concern, review current best practices
  • Highlight strengths and where possible, transfer best practices to other aspects of the UIC experience
  • Suggest areas where student services can be better coordinated or streamlined
  • Develop a comprehensive guideline/road map for improving the quality of interactions between faculty/staff and students at UIC and share with corresponding stakeholders

 Project Management Plan

This is a document provides clarity about the project objectives, scope, expected outcomes, expectations, roles and responsibilities. Click to open the PDF file.

Project Progress Indicator


Project Status Updates

June-July 2016 status report

August-September 2016 status report

October-November 2016 status report

December 2016-January 2017 status report

February-March 2017 status report

April-May 2017 status report

Final Project Report

This project was completed in August 2017.  Final Project Report coming soon!