Exploring the Adoption of Adaptive Courseware

Project Title

Exploring the Adoption of Adaptive Courseware

Project Sponsor

Nikos Varelas, VPUA

Project Lead

Jennifer Wiley

Project Team

Jennifer Ashton

Alison Doubleday

Giamila Fantuzzi

Kim Richards

Jenny Ross

Elizabeth Romero Fuerte

Michael Scott

Mike Stieff

Project Objectives

The objective of this team is to explore whether UIC should pursue implementation of adaptive courseware as part of undergraduate instruction.  Recently the APLU and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for its funding purposes, released an “approved courseware” vendor list which provides the scope of the products to be reviewed by this team.  This team will identify whether any of the recommended products could be appropriate for UIC, and if so, to gauge interest by the relevant majors/departments/instructors in considering the use of adaptive courseware as part of instruction/supporting students/achieving curricular goals.

The expected outcome of this evaluation project will consist of recommendations as to whether UIC should encourage the adoption of adaptive software; the nature of such software; the feasibility and interest for use in particular disciplines/courses; and  suggested process.

 Project Management Plan

This document outlines the project objectives, scope, expected outcomes, expectations, roles and responsibilities. Click to open the PDF file.

Project Progress Indicator


Project Status Updates

June-July 2016 status report

August-September 2016 status report

October-November 2016 status report

December 2016-January 2017 status report

February-March 2017 status report

April-May 2017 status report

Final Project Report

This project was completed in August 2017.  Final Project Report coming soon!