First-Year Academic Experience & Enrichment

Project Title

First-Year Academic Experience & Enrichment

Project Sponsor

Emanuel Pollack, Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs

Project Lead

Justin Wier

Project Team

Spencer Long

Sandra Picciuca

Angela Prazza Winters

Phil Vasquez

Project Objectives

The purpose of “First-Year Academic Experience & Enrichment” project is to:

  1. Assess the current status of first-year seminar offerings at UIC, including variety of topics, course content, course availability, and campus resources
  2. Determine feasibility for all students to engage in first-year seminars considering UIC campus resources, including staffing and physical space. Make recommendations based on analysis.
  3. Develop a clearinghouse of high-impact educational practices from current UIC first-year seminars, as well as peer institutions and aspirational institutions.
  4. Create a list of critical elements of college success in first-year courses and develop suggestions on how to best incorporate high-impact educational practices into UIC first-year courses to improve persistence, retention, and graduation.
  5. Enhance communication among first-year seminar instructors and coordinators, including sharing resources, contacts, syllabi, lesson plans, presentations, etc.
  6. Collaborate with other Student Success Initiative projects, including the Teaching & Learning Center, Collaboration in Advising, UIC Experience, and the Orientation Experience to enhance the UIC first-year academic experience.

 Project Management Plan

This is a document provides clarity about the project objectives, scope, expected outcomes, expectations, roles and responsibilities. Click to open the PDF file.

Project Progress Indicator


Project Status Updates

April-May 2015 status report

June-July 2015 status report

August-September 2015 status report

October-November 2015 status report

December 2015-January 2016


First-Year Academic Experience & Enrichment Proposal

Recommendations for Action

Final Project Report

This project was completed in February 2016.  Click here to open the Final Project Report.

Project Sustainability Report

A sustainability report, summarizing accomplishments and impact of an already completed Student Success Initiative project: February 2017