Optimizing Access to Student Resources

Project Title

Optimizing Access to Student Resources

Project Sponsor

Nikos Valeras, VPUA and Linda Deanna, AVCSA, Dean of Students

Project Lead

Josephine Volpe & Carlotta Johnson

Project Team

Jason Maslanka

Tom Moss

Ernesto Ponce

Project Objectives

Academic Affairs and Student Affairs are partnering together to develop online tools to enhance and streamline students’ access to searchable resources at UIC.  Particular attention is given to resources available for tutoring, peer mentoring, and scholarships.  The project tasks are:

  • Creating an online information resource, the Flames Tutoring Network, for the tutoring services provided on campus using the Flames Career Network as a model;
  • Creating other networks related to peer mentoring, advising, and other prioritized resource topics as identified;
  • Identifying appropriate keywording for the UIC available resources;
  • Identifying the appropriate implementation for use of the keywords;
  • Making recommendations for further action and improved access;

 Project Management Plan

This document outlines the project objectives, scope, expected outcomes, expectations, roles and responsibilities. Click to open the PDF file.

Project Progress Indicator


Project Status Updates

June-July 2016 status report

August-September 2016 status report

October-November 2016 status report

December 2016-January 2017 status report


Recommendations for Optimization and Improved Online Access to Information on Student Resources

Final Project Report

This project was completed in May 2017.  Click here to open the Final Project Report.