Student Noncognitive Strengths and Advising

Project Title

Student Noncognitive Strengths and Advising

Project Sponsor

Nikos Varelas, VPUA

Project Lead

Sue Farruggia

Project Team

Leah Banks

Jeff Brown

Jennifer Juarez

Christine Kuypers

Katie Michel

Carolyn O’Connell

Julienne Palbusa

William Rodriguez

Rudy Molina

Eric Schwarze

Joey Volpe

Stacie Williams

Project Objectives

Research at UIC and elsewhere has demonstrated the importance of noncognitive factors in student academic performance and retention. Students complete an inventory pre-matriculation to assess their noncognitive strengths and growth areas. The objective of this project is to provide individual student information to college and support unit advisors to help them advise their students in the most holistic manner and intervene as necessary and as early as possible. To reach this goal, action steps are as follows:

  • Determine which factors are most helpful for advisors to know about the students
  • Determine what format is most useful
  • Update current advising forms to reflect this
  • Provide feedback to the tool that is developed
  • Determine responsibility for student intervention

 Project Management Plan

This document outlines the project objectives, scope, expected outcomes, expectations, roles and responsibilities. Click to access the file.

Project Progress Indicator

Project Status Updates

March-May 2017 status report

June-July 2017 status report

August-September status report